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  • Matthew : This is HERE if you wish to use it.
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  • Teresa J Perez : Well, seems like everything is back in working order. Wonder what that was all about.
  • Hawk : Higgh ERrrbody
  • Hawk : I'm not continuing use or complying with forced standards&Contract with thəBørģ/CyberLïfe- Lifeløg system. So i will not be able to participate with facebørģ Live/chats unless in personal Messengers. So i will not see tags, friend requests or such. SOo, if you're on my list & leave there's no coming back lol cheers
  • nasanon : so i hope u guys can get this to matt. this is nasanon, my facebook's been hacked, i'm on talkshoe logging in now
  • Hawk : Sent in fb Đm
  • Matthew : Bro, . ..
  • Matthew : JUST CALL Me, ..
  • nasanon : await further instructions
  • nasanon : this is the best i can do to get in the chat