The Matrix Minds Production

Matthew Turner is the talk show personality and host of The Matrix Minds as well as founder and executive producer . His journey of podcasting and talking publicly started out 13 years ago with a talk show by the name of UnitedCDL. Matthew started this talk show live on the internet to help unite and also comfort the many struggling truck drivers within the industry.

This was a time when fuel costs were through the roof everyone was seeking answers and many people had nowhere to vent their frustration. Matthew provided that platform. UnitedCDL was indeed the birthplace of what is now The Matrix Minds Show. Matthew found himself sharing and talking about his lifelong journey in both paranormal and conspiratorial aspects of the world that we live in. “The Phantom Matrix” as he calls it!

Due to the controversial nature as well as conspiratorial theories? The Matrix Minds Show has blossomed from a few 10 or 20 people per show tuning in and listening? To the many thousands. Matthew has also tried throughout the many years of being within the talk show scene to bring both video as well as voice into a stunning eye-catching masterpiece for both his viewing audience as well as a presentation platform for his guests.

Matthew aims to continue to grow The Matrix Minds Show on a weekly and monthly basis as the numbers keep growing and growing. He is determined to give people who think that they are alone within the world a place to join others and listen to others stories who also feel as though they are within that demographic of alone.

Growing up Matthew always questioned and went toe to toe with authority. Matthew has a burning desire to know the truth, and that seeking of truth continues to this day. Always wanting to understand the reasoning behind everything. It is within Matthews nature and within his being as was through his entire life to bring people together and create something unshakable backed by truth. Matthew can see the future and the potential of the talk show with limitless potential. Matthew is a very unique show host and is very different from anyone within the talk show scene. Throughout this time from the beginning until even now is listening audience absolutely loves him.

He is at the tip of the spear and wishes to do nothing more than push forward the talk show in which he created from birth, The Matrix Minds. Not only does it have exponential potential to be the next generation wave of talk Radio? But indeed it will bring a melding of both eye catching video as well as professional studio audio. Matthew is the driving force behind the Matrix Minds Show listen to by the thousands. It is the most controversial conspiratorial talk show that the interweb will even allow. It is The Matrix Minds, where the host his own self,

Questions Everything – Even Reality

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