Wayne Herschel’s discoveries builds up from one clue to the next following ancient star maps found worldwide that led to finding Atlantis. An alien message of First Contact found at the ancient site where he finds the circular canals imprint changes everything.

It had encoded in it that The Ancients are returning on a specific day completing the Mayan Round Count calendar! The documentary delivers the shocking hidden records for all to see. It is also being used to secure publishers and film makers who have insisted that I needed to present a full exposure documentary showing exactly how all my discoveries fit together. Also, for them to get some crucial feedback to measure by response if the public likes this story.

Media can apply for footage and image coverage. Wayne Herschel’s discoveries set out to reveal all humanities celestial origins which were once celebrated with a depiction of a star and a beam of light coming down from it to the Earth. The Xmas tree secret needs to be publicized. Our ancient powers that be preferred this knowledge was encrypted for their eyes only, because our angelic bloodline human origin truth of equality would end all their profitable wars.

The precise origin star is one of three sun-like stars with exoplanets, and it is identified in the documentary with the top 10 ancient star map cases. Due to new media criteria and actions being set on stopping fake news activism and false agendas, although my work will look as clear fact, (and it probably is as so), I have to publicly show a disclaimer to insist it is just a new theory. This quest to bring the hidden records forward has cost me dearly in cyber attacks and a barrage of malicious activity that has made my appearance for two years almost invisible.

You may follow this link below to find out more about Wayne and his incredible findings.

Waynes Links:

Home Website at: https://thehiddenrecords.com/

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